The Serpent’s Eye

The Serpent’s Eye is the debut novel from horror Thomas H. Brand. A cosmic tale of creeping horror set on both sides of the Atlantic in the year 1816.

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I write these words in warning. Do not make my mistake. I fear should anyone start along my path that they will find their fate inexorable. As I have.

When George Sandings, a young up-and-coming solicitor, is sent to Buenos Aires to deal with the estate of the late Earl Edgar Leer, the infamous explorer and hedonist, he sees it as an opportunity to prove himself to his employers and advance his career. He has just a month to uncover what he can so that the Leer family might be able to put their disgraced son’s memory behind them.

However, as he delves deeper and deeper into the Earl’s dark and immoral life he discovers that not everything is as natural as it should be. Soon he begins to realise that something from the Earl’s life, some power that should have been lost and forgotten, is haunting him. Something that seems to be entwining itself in George’s mind. 

Is this spectre real? Or is this simply some earthly plot to undermine him? As George tries to make sense of what is happening to him, he must decide whether the only rational answer is the irrational.


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