“Eyes in the Glass” in Gothic Tales of Terror

In the dying days of the nineteenth century, Professor Thomas Goldfarn is on the verge of the culmination of this life’s work. After nearly fifty years of research, he is finally about to prove the existence of æther, the mysterious fifth classical element. After a lifetime of scepticism from the scientific, his work will finally be vindicated. 

But with his discovery comes something unexpected. What is this vision? A pair of eyes looking at his from across the room that can only be seen through his equipment. A pair of eyes that seem eerily familiar. 

Eyes in the Glass, the opening story in The Æther Collection was included as part of Verto Publishing’s Halloween celebration, as part of the run-up to the publication of their collection Gothic Tales of Terror, and can be read here

Gothic Tales of Terror is a collection of short fiction influenced by classic Victoria gothic horror; science gone wrong, the search for immortality or control over the destiny of ourselves or humanity as a whole. Stories that make the reader experience the loss and love, pain and passion, victory and defeat, and of course the horror of the gothic. 

Gothic Tales of Terror will be released in paperback and e-book in October 2015.

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