Brink of Battle: Epic Heroes

Brink of Battle is a Origins Award nominated tabletop miniatures wargame, written by Robert A. Faust, that allows players to to recreate small combat engagements from any time in history. It is designed to allow players to play either one off games or a campaign that lasts over several battles.

Brink of Battle: Epic Heroes is the upcoming supplement to the system, allowing players to take the core rules and add Magic, Monsters, and a whole new group of Traits and Gear allowing them to play Fantasy games with the Brink of Battle Rulebook! You can use these rules to create your own fantasy settings, or use the two official game worlds.

Several pieces of short fiction I have written will be included in the Epic Heroes supplement, along with work by three other authors. The four of us came together having won the Writing Contest set up to find authors to create accompanying stories for the rule set.

The full supplement is currently due out in early 2015. The online version can currently be found here for those of you interested.

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