Campaign for a permanent statue of Sir Terry Pratchett in Salisbury

There’s a petition online at the moment to try and get Salisbury Council to commit to erecting a permanent statue to Sir Terry Pratchett in the city he lived in for over twenty years.

Aside from the fact it’s also where I grew up and it would be awesome to have something like this in my home city, I think that someone as hugely influential and important to English Literature as Terry Pratchett needs a permanent memorial. Somewhere fans can visit. Somewhere people can pay their respects. Most iconic writers and poets throughout history have places such as these, such as their graves or plaques and statues placed somewhere symbolic. If anyone deserves to be included with this group, it’s Sir Terry Pratchett.

So if you’re a fan, or even if you’re not but still recognise his contribution to the field, please click the link and add your signature.