A steampunk dream

So last night’s dream consisted of an end to end narrative steampunk adventure set in World War One, with Native American Indians battling 19th Century European castles.

The weird thing is I’m pretty sure I dreamt through the story twice, once from each point of view; attackers and then defenders.

Unfortunately, as with all dreams, the details have quickly faded leaving only vague details and partial memory.

I wish I could remember more because it sounds awesome.

Recommendation: Chester 5000

My latest acquisition from the world of webcomics via Kickstarter; Chester 5000, books 1 & 2.

Screen Shot 2016-08-28 at 15.22.42

I love Jess Fink‘s work. Both playful and sexy, she manages to capture both the beauty and excitement of the erotic without being overly titivating. Yes, there’s sex in these pages, but it’s always infused with romance. You can see her love for the art and the history she’s influenced by on every page.

Also, I’m a sucker for any artist who can create both story and distinct characters without using any dialogue. Everything is done through the images to the point where you don’t even notice no one has spoken.