Diving back into the Wheel of Time

And so it begins.

The Wheel of Time is my favourite ongoing book series. An epic fantasy story told over fifteen novels and spanning a mind-blowingly detailed world and history.


I remember picking it up at the airport one year. The first book may have a little bit of a generic fantasy plot, but the characters and writing grabbed me so hard I picked up the second straight away. I know many people have issues with the series, but while most of these issue I just don’t see at all, I won’t argue that after book six it looses some of its momentum and I won’t deny that the story could have been wrapped up in 10 books if Robert Jordan had been a little tighter with his story telling. But I still absolutely love them.

I was lucky, as by the time I discovered the series it was already ten books in so I didn’t have too much wait between them. And by the time I caught up I was well and truly hooked. But the last time I read any of them was six years ago, and since we moved house and I rearranged them on my shelves they’ve been playing on my mind. So now I am finally giving into my own pressure and diving back in.

This will be a significant time commitment.

Last time I read through these series is took me three solid months. And that was when I commuted to London, so adding lunch breaks into the mix I had two and a half hours a day to read. This time I’ll be taking my time a little more. Aside from not having that commuting time now, I have other books I want to read, and writing takes up most of my lunchtimes. Plus I might take a break between books to keep things fresh. So we’ll see how it goes.


All I can say for now is I’m half way through New Spring and I’m already excited to be back in this world.


How do you miss an entire book?

So I finally made my way through my re-read of Bernard Cornwall’s Saxon Chronicles and made a start on the newest entry, Warriors of the Storm.

Screen Shot 2016-05-19 at 13.37.48

My first thoughts? Well, they’ve jumped forward in time a fair bit. Well, that’s fair. Earlier installments of the series have jumped forward by years at a time. They’re historical novels and therefore kind of stuck to a historical timeline.

Second thoughts? He seems to have skipped over the cliffhanger at the end of the last book. That’s an interesting choice, but it kind of works. He’s starting the story ahead of the resolution, and I assume after a prologue the story will skip back and tell the reader what happened.

And further thoughts? Mmm, they seem to be hinting at a lot of things that have happened to the characters since the last book. An awful lot. It seems odd that he’s skipped them all forward and done so much outside of the plot of the actual books.

It was almost as if he was recapping a previous book…

So it appears I missed an entire book of the series and skipped from book seven to book nine. I thought it had been unusually long between books. I remember seeing book seven coming out in hardback, and deciding to wait for it to come out in paperback. Then a long wait, and I see the latest book in the series has come out in paperback. Only this one was book nine.

How do you miss any entire book in a series? Honestly, who even does that!?