Always get insurance

So, while we were in Iceland a 46k/ph gust of wind ripped the door of our hire car out of my hand, bending it backward against the hinges, popping out the doorstop and denting the body-work as it opened about 90 degrees further than its designers had even intended. We managed to get it to a local garage – with me holding the door closed while Frankie drove – who managed to fix it so at least it was legally drivable for the remaining day of our holiday.
Obviously, we had to own up once we returned the car. This wasn’t a ding or a scratch we could hope they’d miss. There was a large chunk of metal in the footwell that had once been inside the door. So they came and had a look, wrote it all up, and told us it would be approximately £1200 to fix.
Luckily, we had taken out full insurance with the car hire company, which took the amount we had to actually pay down to £170.
Even more luckily – I discovered today – when we originally booked the car online we had also taken out Excess Insurance, which paid out on any excess required on an insurance claim.
I sure don’t remember doing this, but it means I’m getting that £170 back.
And here endeth the lesson as to why you should always have insurance.

Halloween Countdown: 7 Days

Just 7 days to go. One week until Halloween’s upon us. And we’ve got through five horror shorts now I thought we’d have a little break and pick something a little lighter.

It’s time for Amazing Hearse.


This one might not make as much sense to some people, as it’s a video referencing and past video by the same guy – Amazing Horse. (I just checked and it came out 7 years ago. I now feel older than I did a moment ago). But if you’ve not discovered MrWeebl, you really should. He’s one of the earliest internet stars and was around back before YouTube was even a thing, spending his own money to host animated shorts on his own website. He was a staple of my life at university, as his style of surreal short films was perfect for a group of students happy to spend entire evenings sitting around watching stupid videos on a loop.

So watch the video, it’s Halloween themed, at least. Then go watch the original, then watch the rest. There’s plenty to get through, with over ten years of video output. It’s worth it.