These people actually exist

Wow. Just… wow.

You know when you read something and you simply can’t grasp what caused somebody to actually make it public? That it has to be a joke. Or someone trying out old cliched self-help concept of writing an angry letter telling someone how you really feel, but then destroying it rather than sending it.

Well, it seems one guy hit “send” rather than “trash”.

Seriously, if you’re an aspiring writing who – like me – is putting yourself through the sometimes ego crushing process of trying to find an agent, please click the link for an example of exactly who you don’t want to be. (The link goes to a different blog who has screenshotted the original post, as I don’t want to the give the original poster the blog hits.)

I know all of us fear that one day we might have to face the fact that our writing just wasn’t good enough, but don’t take it out on the agent. And don’t – I’m amazed I even have to say this – don’t rant about said agent on the internet.

Seriously, it’s a relatively small industry. This man will never – ever – get an agent after this.