Polyamory & Relationships

Polyamory is something that’s strange to some people. Even upsetting or disturbing. However, it is a very large part of my life.

As of 2020 I’ve been with my wife for 14 years, and married for 10.
At the same time, I’ve been with my girlfriend for a year.

Yes, they know about each other. Yes, they are great friends. We consider ourselves a family. Both of them have other partners.

This year, in order to fill people in on our lifestyle and also educate about polyamory as a whole, I participated in Polyamory Week. Each day I made a different post going through a different topic, from polyamory as a whole to questions about our own lifestyle that people might have felt too uncomfortable to ask us directly.

Day 1: Polyamory Week 2020
Day 2: What is Polyamory
Day 3: What Polyamory Means to Me
Day 4: My Polyamory
Day 5: Book Review: ‘More Than Two’
Day 6: I Don’t Do Valentine’s Day
Day 7: The Future

I will be posting more on this subject here. Ethical non-monogamy is for life, not just for Polyamory Week. So you can look forward to further blog posts and articles on here once I find time to write them.

In the mean time, feel free to contact me if questions. I’ll always be happy to discuss this part of my life, or forward you on to any resources when I don’t have an answer.