Review: “Pyramids” by Terry Pratchett

With all the… well, everything… is going on in my life right now, I feel a little comfort reading is in order. In that vein, expect a few Pratchett’s to appear on here. Especially the earlier books which, I feel, are his best.

I’ve always felt that Pratchett’s earlier Discworld books had more character than those that came later. The world feels like it has more texture, and less polish. That’s not to say that any of his books are bad. Come on, this is Terry Pratchett. But all my favourites of his are probably from the first fifteen or so in the series.

On my last visit to the office – oh yes, I got made redundant – I decided the one thing I had to do was make a purchase at Brooks in Pinner. So I picked Pyramids and dropped over to pick it up.

I’m going to really miss having such a good, independent bookshop close by. It’s a rare thing nowadays, and Brooks is particularly good. The staff are great, the coffee and cakes are great, and they’ll always have something interesting to find browsing on the shelves.

I hadn’t read Pyramids in ages. I tend to really enjoy Pratchett’s one-off books. The ones that didn’t become a series. I enjoy the recurring characters and series, but sometimes it’s nice to have characters and places that came in, did their thing, and then went away again.

Opinions? Does everyone agree the early books are better, or am I in the minority?

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