Separate Ways…

In a time when everything sucks already, it seems appropriate that my wife and I have to announce that we have decided to separate.

This is something that we’ve been going through for the last year. We’ve been having a lot of discussions about our relationship, and it has become clear to us that while we’re still really good friends, we’ve simply grown apart.

It is 100% amicable, and we’re remaining friends. We will just no longer a romantic couple.

A couple of points that I guess need addressing:

This wasn’t the fault of lockdown. We’ve been aware of wanting to avoid making big life decisions during this time and that was part of our discussions. But what lockdown did was force us to address the issues and make this call.

This also was not the fault of polyamory. Becoming polyamorous was part of our growth together as a couple, not a symptom of a marriage in trouble. The people we’ve met in this life have been wonderful in helping us through this.

Despite this being an amicable decision, obviously it still sucks and we’re both feeling a little raw. But we’re there for each other. Any questions, feel free to ask.

We chose to announce it on the basis that this is a particularly difficult time for both of us (what with the pandemic and the world’s madness increasing) and we want each other to have our support networks rather than notifying people individually.

Thank you for your understanding and support through this time.

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