Back to my childhood we go!

I’ve discovered you can download Alex Kidd in Miracle World on the Xbox One.

I am far too happy about this.


I can’t count how many hours I spent on this game as a child. It came built-in to the Master System II, so anyone who owned that console had it. It was one of those games that I played over and over again, despite the fact that I could never complete it. And even after all this time, when that title screen appeared on the screen and music burst from the speakers, the memories just flooded back. The images, the theme music, the sound effects, every bit of is as fresh as if it had been only a few weeks. The placement of the monsters. Which blocks to smash and which ones were tricks to avoid. Everything.


Wow, who remembers this little 8-bit beauty? It’s never received the same level of recognition as the NES, but it was still a great little console for its time.

Suddenly I was transported back in time, sitting perched on my little wooden stool in front of the small TV, steadily playing through the same levels over and over again.

But I never completed it. There was just one level, one infinitely frustrating level, that I could not get past. Well, there were a couple of times where I managed to just scrape through, but I never had any lives left afterwards so I was left attempting to get through a new, unfamiliar level with no lives to learn from my mistakes.

So this is my challenge to myself: I will complete Alex Kidd in Miracle World. It’s been over two decades since I played it last, since the Master System fell into obscurity and obsolescence and I moved on to the more advanced consoles my friends owned or PC gaming at home, but now I shall go back and finally defeat this thing.

I thought it might be easier, that the new version would have a save game feature. But no. There’s nothing like that. No salves to make this easier for the modern gamer. No tweaks to bring it up to date. No. This is a start from the beginning and don’t make any mistakes kind of thing. I’ve simply got to play my way through in the same what my 10-year-old self had to.

Wish me luck. It’s time for some nostalgia!


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