“Dark Holidays” publication imminent!

On Monday 24th the new horror collection “Dark Holidays” will be published by Dark Skull publications. Why am I telling you this? Well apart from the fact it is a wonderful new collection of horror short fiction, it just so happens that the closing story in the collection, “Nice or Naughty”, was written by your truly.

“Dark Holidays” is a collaboration of authors who have come together to take the familiar and reassuring traditions and tropes of national and international holidays and twist them into dark and discomforting reflections of themselves. Come join us in a world where evil stalks the world during your favourite holiday and your fun, lovable holiday icons are transformed into twisted little horror fables.
This is the first time I’ve contributed to an anthology. I’ve read so many short story collections over the last couple of years, it’s going to be a strange experience to read one I’ve actually written a story for. So far I’ve avoided reading the other stories when the proof copies have been sent around. Other than already being engrossed in other books at the time I wanted to experience the book as I would any other, as an actual item in my hands.

Direct links will go up on Monday. The majority of the group is based in the US but I will make sure links are available for those of us in England to get their hands on copies quickly and easily.

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