New Æther story up: The Collection

Æther is all around us, all the time. That’s what Hannah Chambers believes, and that’s what she is out to prove. She has been studying the science of the æther since she was a child, and believes her work could help move on our understanding in leaps and bounds.

But some of those who have taken an interest in her other other reasons than the focus of her studies. Dr. Goodman, the elderly university librarian, has an entirely different point of view on the young post-graduate student who comes into his library every day. A far more unhealthy and unwelcome one.

But as Hannah’s research continues, and as she endures more and more unwelcome attention from the letcherous librarian, she finds her work is having a far more personal influence on her life than she thought possible.


And so the latest story in The Æther Collection is up. When you have a couple of minute free, go and read The Collection.

It’s been a while since I’ve been able to post any short stories, for reasons I’ve already gone into on this blog. I’m hoping that there will be a few more coming up more frequently now. But, as an example, the first draft of this one was done back in December, so you can see my productivity has dropped somewhat since getting a real world job.

But it’s always worth it. I love getting reactions from people reading my stories. One of the best has to be from my wife when she was giving me notes on the final draft of this one. Half way down the first page, in the margin was the comment: “Ew. Just, ew.

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