Out Now: The Serpent’s Eye

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I write these words in warning. Do not make my mistake. I fear, should anyone start along my path, that they will find their fate inexorable. As I have.

In the summer of 1816, George Sandings is sent to Buenos Aires to investigate the death of the late Earl Edgar Leer; the infamous explorer and hedonist. He has a month to uncover what he can, in order that the Leer family might put their disgraced son’s memory behind them.

But soon the words of George’s own journal begin to show him that the fate of Earl Edgar may not have been so simple. That Edgar may have uncovered things that should have been left alone and forgotten. As he digs deeper into the secrets that surround Edgar’s final years, George finds his own mind is becoming entwined with some power that cannot be explained.

A power that may prove impossible for any sane man to overcome.

It is done. The Serpent’s Eye is out.

You can download The Serpent’s Eye as an ebook from Amazon right here. If you have a Kindle and you’re looking for a slow-burning horror story to enjoy over your holidays, pick it up now.

And as a special offer, this week only, it’s free. This offer lasts until Sunday 3rd July.

It’s a strange feeling, finally getting this out there. The internet and ebooks may have made it easier to get a book out, but it’s still a chunk of work if you’ve never done it before and you want it to have a level of quality. I’ve been working on this story for the last year. The first draft was just two pages long, written as part of the background for the characters of a roleplay group I was part of, and wasn’t intended to be anything longer. But the idea stuck with me, and when I was looking to start a new long term project it came back into my mind and just started developing and growing.

It’s been interesting to write. In the past I always used to plan my writing projects out in minute detail before starting. And looking back I think this stifled me. This time I decided to work more organically. I started with the basic idea and worked things out as the story progressed. It was a lot more freeing. I write most things this way now. It can mean more revisions, but it allows a freedom I didn’t have before.

I’ll write more about it later. For now, I’m simply going to encourage you to head over to pick up the book on your Kindle right now, for free! Did I mention it’s free and you should pick it up now?

Once you’ve read it, then we’ll talk.

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