New Æther Collection story up: Echoes

For the last twenty years, æther-powered telephones has been keeping the entire world connected. The greatest leap forward in communication in recent history, ‘Ashphones’ have given people the ability to talk directly to anyone, anywhere in the world.

But the world has once again plunged itself into war, and every Ashphone in the world has stopped working.

Bernard Galbraith is one of the leading experts on æther-communication. He was part of the team that first developed the technology, and now it is his responsibility to get them working. As the British Army struggles to adapt to wired communication, Bernard has to solve this riddle before the Germans do, or the Allies hopes in the war could be over.

But as the years move on, Bernard and his team stumble on a discovery that might well change how people think about the æther forever.

(Go here for the full story)

Well, I know I said I would be aiming for a new story at least each fortnight, so I’m afraid all I can do is apologise for this six week gap. This was party due to Christmas, and partly down to the size of this one. Coming in at just under 10,000 words, it’s the longest piece of the collection to date, and straining the word-limit of the short story format.

Hopefully none of the other stories I have planned will reach a similar size, as I personally prefer them that way, but this story simply needed more time to tell. It marks a turning point in the history of æther, and one I wasn’t planning when I began the collection.I had to spend some time thinking it through in my head, making sure that the direction I was taking it both fitted with the previous tales, and how it would affect future stories.

The stories that follow on from this one are going to start taking a slightly different feel, as the characters start to unravel more of the nature of the æther, but I will hopefully be able to keep the same feel as the previous entries.

Have a look. I hope you all enjoy it.

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