Website Revamp

As part of uploading my short stories onto this site, I had a clear idea of how I wanted them to be laid out. I wanted them to be accessible via a drop-down menu; allowing readers to quickly and simply navigate to any particular tale they wished, and avoiding clogging up my blog/news pages with huge posts.

Unfortunately, there is yet to be invented the technology to plug a computer into my brain and have it simply render whatever I happen to be imagining. That would be nice, but those clever people who write computer software seem to be against the idea of creating something that would put them out of a job; and so I must live in a world without the ability to look at the screen, think ‘put drop-down menu here’ and have it appear. But such is life.

So therefore, in my quest for a drop-down menu, I was forced to spend a whole day trawling the internet for tips and assistance. I consider myself computer literate, but one field I pretend no mastery of is how to play with the code. I can use most programmes, but actually breaking them down to the Matrix and telling them what to do it a little beyond my scope.

So, to cut a long story short, I spent the entire morning scouring the ‘net looking at tech forums and help sites, trying to discover the secret behind drop-down menus. I found page after page instructing people how to install add-ons, or telling them which piece of code to subtly alter to get the desired effect. The problem was each of these posts seemed to assume that everyone was as comfortable with computer programming as the poster.

Then, after lunch, I at last found a simple tutorial that showed how to create drop-downs in a few easy steps. Simple. No fuss. It all boiled down to ticking certain box when I posted. Simple, but infuriating after searching all morning through people who couldn’t think down to my level!

But then just one more piece of information reared its head; not all WordPress templates would allow drop-down menus. And guess what? The one I was using was one of those. Damn it…

And so the website has gone through a change. Change is good. I do like to shake things around every so often. It keeps things feeling fresh. Admittedly this one was forced upon me, but I like the new look, and it has allowed me to lay things out as I wanted.

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