The Æther is up!

There are some new additions to the site.

If you have a look above, you will find that I have posted the first three of my short stories from The Æther Collection; a collection of horror tales all based around the fictional subject of æther.

Have a look at the heading page for more details, but essentially I am intending for this to be a full collection of short stories, which shall eventually be published together in one volume. However, I have decided to make the most of the fact that the short story format allows me to publish them online as they are written.

This allows me both to start getting my work seen, and also to take in any feedback as I go. Obviously I won’t publish anything on this site I don’t consider to be complete and ready for reading, but having them up in an electronic format does allow me the freedom of making small changes if and when I decide that they are needed. My main fear is the odd spelling and grammatical error (as anyone who knows me well enough can tell you), but I can also look at sections people like or don’t like and tweak them if necessary.

I’m intending to try and get a new story posted at least every fortnight, if not more frequently. This schedule may slow down when I get a full time day job, but I hope not by much. I want to keep the deadline as something to keep me writing. I’m one of those people who works better with a schedule with tangible goals, rather than simply aiming to finish ‘whenever’. I have several pieces half way done, and some ideas that are still in note form, so hopefully I will be able to keep stuff coming until I’m happy the collection is complete.

I’m posting the first three up together, as I wanted there to be more than one up there as a beginning. So, you have Eyes In The Glass, The Call, and In Focus to make a start with. At the moment I’m not planning on there being a particular order in which they should be read (though I have a couple of ideas that might get built in to the collective narrative as I go) but I do suggest you begin with Eyes In The Glass, as if gives a better explanation to what “æther” is. It focuses on the subject more fully, allowing future stories to simply reference it without having to explain it each time.

So, have a read. And I hope you enjoy them.

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