Where I’ve Been

So it’s been a little while since I’ve updated. OK, a long while. I’m sorry. I really didn’t want that to happen, I wanted to make sure I always posted something new at least once a week. This ambition hasn’t quite worked.

The thing is, there is only ever a certain amount of time in the day and I have to be honest with myself about how best to spend it.

I heard a valuable piece of advice once; If you think there isn’t ever enough time in the day to get something done, you are wrong; you just spent that time doing something else.

This was phrased as a piece of advice for writers with real lives and jobs that got in the way of their writing dreams. Essentially, if you find you don’t have time to write, then you need to make time by cutting out something else. If you need to cut out computer games or television time, then so be it. If you find you need to cut out family time then that might be harder, but you have to decide how much you want to write.

Anyway, the point I’m trying to make is that I have a reason I haven’t posted in a while. I have various projects I’m working on, as well as real life, and I have been dedicating my writing time on these, rather than the blog.

So what am I working on. It’s probably only polite to tell you.

My main project over the last couple of months has been my novella; The Serpent’s Eye. I’ve been working on this for about six months now, and I’ve got to the point where I’m sending it out to Alpha Readers to get outside opinions. But at the point when I last posted, I decided to concentrate my time on pushing out the latest draft. I didn’t want to spread out my time on various projects for a while.

Hopefully I’ll get the final draft done by the end of this year. I’m looking to e-publish this one myself, rather than attempt to go the traditional route. I wasn’t confident to do this with The Breaking Land as it was such a big project, but with the smaller scale of The Serpent’s Eye I am more confident of judging the final quality myself. I will post updates as I go.

My other current project is a selection of short stories, which I’m tentatively entitling The Æther Collection. It’s a collection of horror tales, with a slight sci-fi twist, based around the central theme of the fictional element of æther. I say fictional; there were various different ideas of what æther was in classical science. What I have done is take various ideas I’ve found and formed them into something to play with. I’ve been having great fun with this, and so it kind of distracted me from blogging for a while.

My plan for these is to get them put up on here, and then published as a collection once they’re all done. I’m aiming to try and get at least one story completed a month. Hopefully this a self imposed deadline will stop the project slowing or faltering. The first couple of stories will likely go up soon, so keep checking in.

I also have real life issues to deal with. As much as I enjoy writing, until it can support me financially I have to find a job, and so that search has had to occupy me. There are also some health issues occurring in my family right now, and so sometimes I just don’t have the energy to expand into writing

But I am going to try and be less rubbish in the immediate future. I will try to keep people updated, and to start posting more regularly.

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