First Post…

So here we are. Brand new blog, starting afresh and trying to understand how this website works. I’m a writer, not a technician, and where I’m sure that thousands of people must look at something like wordpress and see it all lay itself out as easy as walking, I’m more one of those people who knows exactly what I would like it to do, and where I would like all the different things to be located, but actually making those things happen involves me sitting here at my computer, desperately peering at my screen trying to work it all out without accidentally saving over everything, making the page irrevocably bright pink, and somehow sending out offensive emails to all my contacts. Not that I’m that bad, I should be able to figure it all out. I just wish I had the right mind to do it a litter sooner.

I’m setting up this blog to start to publicise my writing, as I set out on what I hope will be my writing career. I’ve always been a keen writer and creator, and am finally reaching the stage where I can try to make that into a career. For the last three years I’ve been developing my first novel, a fantasy adventure entitled The Breaking Land, of which I have almost finished the final draft. Just the final copy edit left to complete and I can begin sending it out to agents and publishers.

I also dabble in poetry, but like most poetry, whether the poets admit it or not, what I write of it is just me having fun. Other than good practice for various aspects of writing, anything I publish on here of it is mostly vanity publishing. I do have fun writing it; sometimes I try for something serious, but what I come up with is most often stream of conscious nonsense. Well, I’ll start getting them put up on here and see what people think.

Also, I’ll be promoting the theatre group I’m involved with, The Purple Theatre Company. Currently their Company Manager, Purple is something I’ve been involved with for almost a decade and am very passionate about, so it gets its place on here as well.

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